Fresh Start. How to organize your closet


So, a few days ago I really went for it and decided to clean out my wardrobe. I tend to do it every spring and autumn, but usually it ends up with me just taking clothes out, looking through and putting them back. After doing it for a few years, and also because of watching a ton of videos on this topic, I determined a few tips on how to stay organized and spend less time dressing up in the morning:

  1. Take ALL your clothing out. Yes, absolutely everything.
  2. Thoroughly look through it and pick out items you wear frequently. If you wore these recently, you’re probably going to wear them in near future too.
  3. Select pieces you really like out of those left. If these don’t fit you anymore but they can be tailored – go ahead and leave them.
  4. Clothes which you neither wear nor like anymore should not stay. And no, you won’t need them for that one special occasion. If these remained in a decent condition – sell them, donate to charity or give out to your friends or relatives.
    If they don’t look presentable anymore – rubbish bin is patiently waiting for these.
  5. When you have your chosen items, it’s time to place them back into the wardrobe. Try to create sections for specific pieces, at least basic ones: tops, bottoms, outwear. Of course, it would be great to separate tops to T-shirts, blouses, blazers, etc., but if you have limited space, it’s not that necessary.
  6. The same rule applies to shoes, accessories and jewellery.
  7. Moreover, if you need some new clothing, I highly recommend to buy less but choose better quality items. It means that they’re going to look nicer, last longer and be more comfortable (last point especially applies to shoes).

Well, that is it. I really hope that these tips are going to be helpful for you. Please, feel free to share your ideas on this topic, because I would absolutely enjoy learning something new!

With love, S.